What is community-led housing?

Community-led housing is a term that’s used to describe housing that is developed by local people, to meet the housing needs of local people. At Leeds Community Homes we’re interested in finding ways to help local people to work together to meet their own housing needs. There are various ways that that can happen – such as co-housing (like at LILAC in Bramley), housing co-ops, or through affordable homes being built by a Community Land Trust.

Do we need more homes in Leeds?

Many people in our city struggle to find an affordable home to rent or buy. That’s why we’ve set up Leeds Community Homes – to find ways to build and refurbish homes that will be permanently affordable for Leeds people. We also want to find ways to build more environmentally sustainable homes – whilst also exploring ways to contribute to making Leeds a better place for all of us to live.

To make this happen we have set ourselves up as a Community Land Trust, and we’re doing a range of things to create People Powered Homes:

  • Last year we raised £360,000 through a community share offer to fund our first sixteen homes
  • With support from Power To Change, we have established a community-led housing hub to provide space for people to develop ideas for community-led housing
  • With support from Power To Change we are piloting a support service for groups of people who want to create permanently affordable, community-led housing

Who’s involved with Leeds Community Homes?

There are now around 275 members of Leeds Community Homes – and our Board of Directors consists of up to 12 members (there are currently 10 Board members) who have a wide range of relevant expertise.

How can I get involved with Leeds Community Homes?

If you support what we’re trying to achieve, you can become a member of Leeds Community Homes for £1. If you would like to become a member please email us.

Our Rules and our Share Offer document

Leeds Community Homes is a community benefit society. Read our Rules (our governing document).

You can also read the share offer document, which we produced for the share offer that we launched in October 2017. Here is our share withdrawal policy

Any other questions?

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook – or send us a message via our contact page – and one of us will come back to you with more info. And don’t forget to sign up to our email list to keep in touch with our plans. Together we can build a better Leeds!