We want to make sure opportunities are open to all our diverse communities. With a grant from the National Community Land Trust Network (NCLTN) “Cohesive Communities” fund, we are boosting our capacity to research and increase the diversity of our membership and support more people from minority groups including Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual affirmitive (LGBTQ+) groups to develop their own housing.

Associate Claude Hendrickson is leading this work which will include researching the current picture, talking with groups and stakeholders, including possible partners like Housing Associations, the council and developers, and encouraging more diversity in our organisation through marketing and membership campaigns and events and feeding into our future business planning and ongoing work. 

Claude brings knowledge and experience of working with BAME groups across the city as well as research and publication skills to help with this project. He was the founder and project Co-ordinator on the Frontline community self-build scheme in Leeds, which saw 12 unemployed African Caribbean men and their families build new homes for themselves. He has remained a passionate advocate for BAME groups in terms of housing, self-build and training/employment. He was commissioned in 2016/17 to produce a 10 year strategy for Leeds City Council (LCC) around self-build, custom build and community led housing. That report was well received and informed LCC’s housing strategy.

As a Community Land Trust we are developing schemes to create affordable housing, and as a regional hub we are supporting over 30 groups to do the same for their communities. We are keen to increase the diversity on our Board, in our membership, within the groups that we support and in the CLH movement more widely.