We are now in the process of becoming a Registered Provider this means we will be able to develop, build and manage our own community housing schemes and rent these out to tenants as a social landlord.

We have two housing developments in progress.

Our developments

Mistress Lane, Armley

 We have now received planning consent for our affordable housing scheme at Mistress Lane in Armley. Comprising of 28 one and two-bed apartments and 6 family houses, which will be built to high environmental standards, the properties will be available as a mix of affordable rent and shared ownership.

The scheme, which has had a long period of design and planning, involved extensive consultation with local people in shaping the proposals, particularly around the mix of housing, and the plans for the community open space around the site.

We are grateful for the support of Leeds City Council, who have actively supported community housing over the years and encouraged us in our plans for the development of the site and the funding from Power to Change and the Homes England Community Housing Fund, which made it possible to develop the plans to this stage.

A significant part of the funding for this scheme will be from ordinary people who invested in community shares in LCH at its launch in 2018. That issue raised over £400,000 and much of that investment will go towards the Mistress Lane scheme.

Climate Innovation District

We agreed the purchase of 16 affordable homes from the developer CITU, back in 2017. There have been some setbacks in the timescale of the construction of these homes due to a number of issues outside of the developer’s control. However we are delighted that the first affordable homes are expected to be ready in 2022.

These homes include one- and two- bed flats and are a mix of rented and low-cost home ownership.

All the homes are designed to “Passivhaus” standards which means they are extremely energy efficient and have a low carbon impact. This makes them eco-friendly and very cheap to heat.

All the homes will become part of the long term community management organisation at the Climate Innovation District.