Aire Lofts at the Climate Innovation District

We are delighted that the long wait is nearly over and we will complete the purchase of the first 8 properties at Aire Lofts on Friday 12 January, and hope to have our first residents in their homes in the next week or so. These affordable homes provide amazing accommodation in a modern city centre apartment scheme with very low energy bills and a fabulous community to become a part of, at an affordable cost. These properties are only made possible because of investment from Leeds Community Homes Members in our first share offer from 2017.

The properties include 1 and 2 bed homes which are extremely energy efficient, with Passivhaus standard insulation and air tightness and the benefit of solar energy and heat recovery Ventilation they are really efficient to run. They enjoy amazing views of Leeds and the rest of the Climate Innovation District and we are proud to have these as our very first affordable homes.

Shared Ownership at CID

Interest in our shared ownership homes at Aire Lofts at Climate Innovation District has been strong and accordingly we are now only able to proceed with enquiries if you have a mortgage offer in principle (or access to funds from a contracted sale). See full property info HERE.

Next phase at Climate Innovation District

We expect to have another 4 apartments to sell on a shared-ownership basis in the next block around the end of 2024 and we are looking to compile a waiting list of interested purchasers. If you are interested and may be in a position to buy in a few months, get your name on the list now and use the time to save for that deposit!