Let's Build a Better Leeds

Let's Build a Better Leeds

We’ve started a #peoplepoweredhomes revolution

We want to help create 1,000 #peoplepoweredhomes in Leeds

We‘ve just launched our first community share offer as our first step towards that goal – we’re raising £360,000 to create our first 16 permanently-affordable homes in Leeds.

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Why #peoplepoweredhomes?

When people are involved in creating houses they become more than bricks and mortar – they become homes and communities that people love to live in


As a Community Land Trust, affordability is what we’re all about – our aim is to create housing that's affordable now, and for future generations too.


Building and renovating homes as sustainably as possible is good for the people who live in the homes, good for Leeds, and good for the planet.


To provide more affordable homes we’ll work creatively - using innovative techniques to build and finance new homes for Leeds.

Meet some of our backers

People from all over Leeds have already invested over £250,000 in our people powered homes revolution. Hear from some of them below.

Help us to make it happen

Our #peoplepoweredhomes revolution needs the help of real people – that means people like you.

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We’ve launched our first share offer which will enable us to create 16 permanently affordable homes in Leeds.


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If you support our aims but aren’t in a position to invest, become a Leeds Community Homes supporter for just £1.


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