Sarah Bird, Leeds Community Homes, Hub Coordinator

Sarah has spent the past 10 years working within the world of cultural fundraising and community engagement in Newcastle. Having recently relocated to West Yorkshire, she is thrilled to join the Leeds Community Homes and People Powered Homes team. As our new Hub Coordinator, Sarah will coordinate and lead the running of our Community Led Housing Enabling Service, as well as being responsible for finances.

Community led housing is a passion of Sarah’s. After studying Architecture & Urban Planning at Newcastle University, she was a director of Cohousing Upon Tyne for several years, during which time the co-op obtained planning permission and hugely expanded its membership, with Sarah supporting the development of its policy and financial modelling. Sarah is now an associate lecturer at Newcastle University, with teaching focussed on Cohousing, Community Volunteering and Participatory Practice, and in 2022 she spoke at the 2022 Creative Fuse conference as part of a panel on “Re-thinking temporary, pop-up & ‘meanwhile’ spaces”.

Sarah loves a good book, independent cinema and swimming. On weekends you can find her rifling through second hand records, eating Japanese food and watching experimental gigs.