Leeds to share new £1million Community Led Housing Fund

Posted by Rob Greenland.

Housing was in the news yesterday (when isn’t housing in the news?) – with the publication of the Government’s Housing White Paper.  We haven’t had time to digest it yet, but we’ve been following in particular the commentary from organisations that we trust have interesting things to say on housing – including Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Ecology Building Society.

That wasn’t the only housing-related news story yesterday.  Power To Change – the funder who backed our community share offer with £100,000 of match investment – announced a new £1 million fund to support the development of community-led housing in two UK cities.  And we’re delighted to say that Leeds is one of them (Bristol is the other).

We think this is great news for Leeds.  We’re currently in discussions with Power To Change to understand more about what they have in mind – and how, hopefully, we can play a part.  Needless to say, we think it fits perfectly with our ambitions.  From the start, we have wanted to do two things – create housing ourselves, and support other people to create housing in “community-led” ways.

So, with this in mind, whilst we were promoting the share offer, we were also working hard behind the scenes to think about how we could offer support to new and emerging groups of people in Leeds who want to take control of meeting their – and others’ – housing needs.  This is something we’re continuing to explore – and we think it’s really positive that Power To Change have chosen Leeds as one of two cities to receive this funding.

We’ll update you as we find out more.  But in the meantime, if you’re interested in exploring how you could get involved in creating affordable, sustainable housing in Leeds, please get in touch.  Whatever stage you’re at, we’d be keen to chat to see if there are ways we could work together.  Our ambition is to be involved in creating 1000 homes over the next ten years – and we’re keen to get a move on!